24/7 hot bentos, bean-to-cup kopi,fruits,drinks & desserts 

The Unmanned

Fresh Hot Bentos

made fresh Daily!​

Fresh Hot Bentos made fresh Daily!​

Freshly prepared meals direct from our caterer's central kitchen, with 3 options changed everyday to ensure your workers never get bored! Held at a delicious 63 degrees celsius without any microwaves to ensure delicious meals just like out of a rice cooker!
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Singapore Kopi & Teh

Bean to cup

Local-style Kopi & Teh

KopiBox produces delicious bean-to-cup coffee tailored to Singaporean tastes, keeping your workers perky and awake throughout the day!​
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Healthy Fruit Cups

Fight off the viruses with a healthy immune system!

Healthy Fruit Cups

Fresh fruit cups to build up your immunity and fight off nasty viruses!
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Canned & Bottled Drinks

your refreshing favourites

Canned & Bottled Drinks

Thirsty? We've got you covered. From local favourites to premium options, we'll provide you with a range of options to choose from.​
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Konbini loves Fresh

Fresh & tangy

Favorite Juice

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Japanese Ice cream

Refreshing treats at affordable prices

Japanese Ice Creams

Premium ice creams direct from Japan at affordable prices of $2.80 - $3.20
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having trouble providing food for your workers?​

hr managers for
offices & factories

TUCKshop provides 24/7 food & beverage options for your workers in a safe manner.

As an alternative to an onsite cafeteria, TUCKshop is a convenient grab’n’go solution that prevents workers from congregating in groups, while providing a wide range of food and drinks to satisfy their needs.

building landlords

Finding it difficult to get food shops to open at your building due to insufficient footfall?

TUCKshop provides a wide range of delicious, fresh food & beverage options to satisfy the needs of your tenants, 24/7, without any manpower required!

canteen operators
& landlords

During this difficult period, you see a huge drop in customers as workers work from home and your clients implement BCP measures.

Offload your risk to us with TUCKshop!

We provide the necessities to your clients manlessly, 24/7, without requiring any manpower, allowing you to shorten your operation hours and reduce your manpower/operations cost.

freshly-made foods from central kitchen to The Unmanned Caterer’s Kiosks

Chilled Magicbox

The Magicbox is an Unmanned Fridge that allows customers to buy any kind of chilled product simply by scanning their card, and opening the door to take their products, just like at a convenience store.

Fresh Hot Bento Lockers

The KonbiFoodBox is a hot food vending machine that is certified by SFA to allow 24-hours storage of fresh hot meals above the danger zone of 60 degrees celsius, just like a rice cooker.


KopiBox is the revolutionary coffee vending machine tailored for Singaporean tastes. It dispenses local-style Kopi-O, Kopi & Kopi-Si, plus Tea, with the tap of a card.

no capex cost, no upfront fees​



Most frequent questions and answers

$0 upfront. Just choose the products you want, and let us take care of providing your needs

*Minimum quota for products per month depending on machine

Option 1: Stock your products in our machines, and we share the revenue

Option 2: Stock your products in our machines, and we charge you a fixed monthly rental.

Option 3: We provide the machines and products, you don’t need to do anything

Hot Food: Bentos from established caterers, with 3 options everyday, freshly cooked and delivered. Menu changes everyday, so your workers won’t get bored!

Cold Drinks: Canned and Bottled drinks.

Ice Cream:

Premium Japanese Ice creams at affordable prices

Coffee/Tea: Local style kopi and tea options.