Summary overview

The KFB KonbiFoodBox is a complete solution to increase your sales channel through e-commerce and food delivery, without incurring the hefty cost of web development and commissions to food delivery companies.

  • 1) automated heated or chilled lockers
  • 2) e-commerce solution for food ordering through chatbot
  • 3) backend solution to manage deliveries, alerts, menu adjustments

How it works

  • You fix delivery timeslots and order cut-off time
  • Customers order anytime through Facebook Messenger via a Chatbot
  • Food orders entered before the order cut-off time are prepared in the kitchen and delivered to lockers
  • Customers get an alert via Chatbot with PIN code
  • Customers go to locker, enter PIN code.
  • Locker opens, customer collects food


Name Data Range Dimension Value Capacity
Low Pressure 34 35 02x34" 543.04 40k
Medium Pressure 74 57 03x54" 343.84 46k
High Pressure 24 98 06x87" 743.34 23Hz

Are you a

Retail FoodShop

POPStation for your food- e-commerce platform with food delivery lockers.